Choose This Day

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24 vs 15) Read Joshua 24 vs 1-31.

Joshua did as God instructed him, he reminded the people from the time God took their forefathers from the other side of the flood, and how he delivered them from Egypt and carried them through the red sea, drove out their enemies from before them to a land that they  did not labor for. God wanted them to have a catalyst of faith that they could stand on.

Today we must use every opportunity given to us to remind this generation at large of who God is. How he loved us before we love him, how he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that he could redeem us back to himself.  

We need parents to stand up without fear and teach their children to love God. To remind them who is the real source of income in their household. That God is the one who provided the job, so provision is made for them. To remind them who healed them when they were sick and who delivered them from that car accident. We need Grandparents to stand up and declare Christ to their grandchildren and teach them the way of the Lord. Take them to Sunday school, and encourage them to read their Bibles. We must never lose sight of this important task.

Today I challenge you to be the voice in your home who will remind your love ones of God’s goodness and charge them to choose God.

Let us pray: Lord I repent of my sins today. Help me never to forget what you did for us. You have kept me and my family all these years and I thank you. Today I choose to serve you in Jesus name. Amen

Until next time. God bless you.

Published by Sheila D.Currie Blake

A Christian by the grace of God. Author of Devine Intervention And Disagree In Love. Motivational Speaker and Intercessor. A proud mother of three awesome children. Two of which are currently serviing in the United States Military. A firm believer in family values and principles.

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