Use Your Gift

“A Man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18 vs 16

We were all given a gift or a talent. It was given to us by God and it was given for a reason. I believe the two reasons are, firstly, to establish the man/woman and secondly, to bless others. Gift and talent can be defined as the natural ability or skill to do something.

Jesus was a man of parables and he compared the kingdom of heaven like unto a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods. He gave one five talents, to another he gave two talents and the third he gave one (Matthew 25). The scripture says he gave them their talent according to their ability. But have you ever noticed how many online coaches we have today? Almost every single day another coach pops up in my email inviting me to do what they did so I can become successful and in addition to that, its not free.  Now I am not saying that you should not share your talent but each of us were given a talent, just like those servants in Matthew 25. Some of us are multi-gifted and others are not but we are all gifted. God gave each one of us a gift that will set us before great men according to Proverbs 18. But it’s up to us to not only seek out what it is but to operate in it, so that we can maximize our God given potential.

Some people knew almost from birth what their gifts are. Some bumped into it and others are still trying to figure it out. If you fall into the figure it out category, the solution is to go before the Lord in prayer and talk to him about it, and I am confident that he will make it plain to you. But please do not make the mistake of copying others just to make money. No matter how much money you make, you will always feel a void in you because you are not operating in your divine purpose.  There is also the question of your spiritual gifts, as mentioned in 1st Corinthians 12. But, even in the body of Christ people can miss their true purpose which often caused division among brethren. God did not give us gifts to use against each other, but instead it should be used to edify the church, benefit others and bring glory to him.

There is enough to go around, apostles, prophets, teachers, gifts of healing, working of miracles, help to the government and the list goes on (read 1st Corinthians 12 vs 1-31). if we are in the body of Christ then we are all working for the same master which is Jesus Christ. Whenever you find your gift, use it, operate in it and make sure that God (the giver of your talent) is glorified in it.  Your wealth is tied up in your gifts/talent, do not let it become dormant in you.

Let us pray:  Lord please forgive me of my sins today.  Thank you for your word.  I pray Lord that you will open my eyes to the gift or gifts that you have given unto me so that I can reach my full potential and bless others in Jesus name. Amen. Until next time. God bless you.

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Published by Sheila D.Currie Blake

A Christian by the grace of God. Author of Devine Intervention And Disagree In Love. Motivational Speaker and Intercessor. A proud mother of three awesome children. Two of which are currently serviing in the United States Military. A firm believer in family values and principles.

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