Cain & Abel,(The Spirit of Envy)

“And Cain talked with Abel his brother, and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.”  Genesis 4:8.

The story of Cain and Abel can be identified with what David said in Psalms 55:12-14, he said, “for it was not an enemy that reproached me, then I could have borne it, neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me, then I would have hid myself from him. But it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. We took sweet counsel together and walked unto the house of God in company.” In other words, you can plan to stay clear of your enemies, but you will always trust your family or close friends, and those are the ones that can hurt you the most.

Cain encouraged his brother (who trusted him) to go into the field with him. That’s where they played together, dreamt together and worshipped God together. So, Abel had no reason to doubt his brother or any reason to believe that his brother would have hurt him. But sadly, and tragically he did!  The spirit of envy rose up in Cain and he became a slave to it. Abel had nothing to do with why Cain’s offering was rejected by God, it was because he did not give his best unto the Lord why his offering was rejected (Gen. 4:3-7). His heart was not pure towards God and it surely was not pure towards his brother.

The cause of the very first murder among mankind was envy. And sadly, still today, that same spirit of envy is still active and alive. It’s in our workplaces, our homes, in our society and our churches too. it is a topic that is rarely discussed but is of utmost importance. Envy is labelled as a sin, because from it breeds jealousy strife, murder among other things. The only cure for envy is love and more love (God’s love). The Bible did not tell us if preference was shown to Abel over Cain, but we know that showing preference between your children or between any group of people can cause serious emotional pain and can give birth to envy. Cain’s rage towards his brother did not develop overnight, it was already in his heart long before they offered their gifts unto God.

We can all make a difference in this world, though we cannot and will not have a perfect world (Not until Christ return) but we can do our part to make it better. We can start by treating others the way we would like to be treated. We can show God’s love and be fair to those who are close to us so it can spread to others. Envy is rottenness to the bones (Proverbs 14:30) and it begins in the heart. Let us do all we can to ensure that love, fairness, and respect is evenly distributed to all. Let change begin with you and me in Jesus name.  

Let us pray:  Lord please forgive me of my sins today.  Thank you for your word. Please help me to always be fair and to always treat others with love and respect. Help me not to be the cause of envy among brethren in Jesus name. Amen. Until next time. God bless you.

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Published by Sheila D.Currie Blake

A Christian by the grace of God. Author of Devine Intervention And Disagree In Love. Motivational Speaker and Intercessor. A proud mother of three awesome children. Two of which are currently serviing in the United States Military. A firm believer in family values and principles.

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