About My Father’s Business

“And he said unto them, how is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” Luke 2:49

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday. Somehow, I lost track of Ash Wednesday and it wasn’t until someone reminded me this morning that I realized what day it was. Shame on me! Growing up my mother would always acknowledge Ash Wednesday with fasting and prayer. She would have been fasting days before the actual day and only fish would have been prepared at home.

It is funny how busy we have become that we tend to miss out on the things of God. But It was while I was on the road taking care of somethings today that I was reminded of this scripture in Luke 2:49. You see, Jesus knew the purpose of his visit here on the earth and every chance he got he made sure to be about his Father’s business. He made sure that he did what he was supposed to and eventually completed his mission at Calvary and has become our eternal advocate.  Thank you Jesus!

Have you been too busy that you have forgotten about God’s business? Let us get back to basics in ensuring that we stay mindful of our part in kingdom building. Let us not forget like I did today. Again, shame on me!

Let us pray:  Lord, please forgive me for my sins today.  Thank you for your word. Help us Lord to stay connected so that we will never ever forget to take care of your business. Help us to always put your business first in Jesus name. Amen. Until next time. God bless you.

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Published by Sheila D.Currie Blake

A Christian by the grace of God. Author of Devine Intervention And Disagree In Love. Motivational Speaker and Intercessor. A proud mother of three awesome children. Two of which are currently serviing in the United States Military. A firm believer in family values and principles.

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